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Wing; S Chips Character Essay

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Wing`s Chips by Mavis Gallant is a story about the narrator looking back on a summer she had with her father as a little girl. In this story the narrator   comes off as an intelligent, independent, yet complex character, by the way she details the French Canadian town.   Later on in the story she talks about her unusual father, and how he paints for a living, with no money in return unlike all the other fathers. This is a problem for the young girl at the time, for she just wanted her father to have an ordinary job and do ordinary things like everyone else’s father. Finally, the character realizes after her father paints a sign for the Wings family, that her father doesn’t have to ordinary. She then accepts her father for who he is and matures because of this.

At first, the narrator is introduced as an intelligent and independent person as she narrates her summer as a young girl in a French Canadian town with her father. In the story she comes off as a very independent person as her father   gave her much freedom, yet she didn’t get into any trouble and behaved maturely. On page.206 , she speaks of the kind of parenting her father gave her. “I was never scolded or rebuked, or reminded to brush my teeth or say my prayers. My father was perfectly content to live his own summer, and let me live mine, which did not please me at the least.”   On page.204 she is very descriptive of the French Canadian town, and the people in it. “The girls who clustered giggling on shore and watched them wore pastel stockings, lacy summer hats, and voile dresses that dipped down in back and were decorated low on one hip with sprays of artificial lilac.”

Later on in the story the character is in conflict with her father, mostly because of his ways of parenting, and his lack of an ordinary job. The narrator complains that her father is the complete opposite of all the English men   and that his lifestyle makes them stand out in the town. On page.206, the narrator talks about how they...


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