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11th January 2029

Dear Diary,

Today was without a doubt the most enjoyable day of my amazingly pleasurable life, since my new rules and regulations have seen put in place I have had little resistance from those slaves to society, AKA everybody apart from myself. Well at least that was the scenario until today.   At roughly 12 o’clock this afternoon it was brought to my attention that Marcus Ollivier, a well-respected member of the Department of Life Changing Mistakes had ironically made his own life changing mistake…treason!

The punishment for treason is normally the death penalty, but for some strange and rather twisted reason on this occasion I thought it would more entertaining if I dealt with the traitor personally. By 3 o’clock I was confronted by the traitor who had been discovered to be giving vital information to our enemies, these blueprints consisted of a bomb of mass destruction, which was intended to destroy South America. Now it wouldn’t take a genius to understand that there could only be one outcome to resolve this crime.

After a rather vague conversation with Marcus Ollivier I began the torment, now I don’t want to be accused of going into too much detail, lets just say that the traitor what in my eyes exactly what he most certainly dissevered. And that practically summed up my day, one last thing. I thought it would be amusing to broadcast in full detail exactly what happened to the traitor, I thought it was a brilliant idea, who in their right mind would step out of line after seeing that footage? I’ll tell you, NO ONE!


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