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What Disease or Diseases Is Most Prominent in Your Part of the World and What Do You Think Should Be Done to Eradicate It.

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In today’s highly hectic and very fast moving life, diseases of all types are erupting at an alarming speed. Among these, cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, hypertensions and obesity, emerge as a very prominent disease. Along with the rest of the world, Mauritius too has been affected by this emergence. The situation, however, is quite shocking in Mauritius and we are actually experiencing a rapid health transition, with large rising burdens of chronic diseases.
          Firstly, cardio vascular disease is one of the most common diseases which are coronary. This disease can, in turn, lead to a series of complications and problems, which may further deteriorate the state of health of a person. According to research, cardio vascular disease is the leading cause of death in Mauritius and its contribution to mortality is rising. Actually, various studies conducted previously have revealed that there is a multitude of risk factors of cardio vascular disease. These include: Increase in hypertension, dyslipideamia, diabetes, overweight, obesity, and physical inactivity. Besides, cardio vascular disease among the Mauritian population is highly prevalent with 10.2% of the population already suffering from it. In fact, to eradicate it, various factors can be attributed to this, among which eating habits, food consumption and lack of exercises are important. Furthermore, based on results and   theories, it had been found that a change in diet and lifestyle can be highly beneficial for health to prevent cardio vascular disease and to lower the threat of contracting risk factors of cardio vascular disease as well.
          Secondly, diabetes is also one of the most common medical problems in Mauritius. About 25% of the Mauritian adults suffer from diabetes and are at a high risk on developing the condition. It is believed that diabetes is today the most common cause of death in Mauritius. Though, diabetes is a major cause of ill-health in Mauritius and it is a causal...


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