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Brief Summary of an Editorial Column from Salt Lake Tribune: Immigration Costs: Two Sides of the Coin

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Some of republicans believe that citizen children of illegal aliens are costing the federal and state government at least $63.5 million in social service benefits a year in Utah only.
That is true but the other side of ledger is about their benefits, they pay taxes even though they will never claim the Social Security or Medicare benefits that those taxes fund. In addition they contribute to the overall economy of U.S. because they work as a labor in different nation’s fields and most of them are underpaid, which is a huge indirect subsidy to the U.S. economy.
So the question is, does United State have to reform illegal immigration law because of their costs?
Salt Lake Tribune, September 1, 2010.
Writer: Unknown.

IF we only study the situation of immigrant by their costs, it seems they have huge benefits for the U.S. economy. Yes it may be right that illegal aliens pay taxes on sales tax, property tax and FICA taxes without any claim the Social Security or Medicare benefits that those taxes fund.
It may be also true that the most of illegal labors are underpaid, although they work hard to build our homes, landscaping yards, picking crops, cleanings hotel room, providing child care and many other jobs, and this is a huge indirect subsidy to the U.S. economy, but the fact is the immigration costs is not the issue and it’s not the only factor for deciding about illegal immigrant.
If we are considering both sides of the coin about their costs and benefits, we have to consider the other sides of their life. The issue that they are here illegally and they broke the immigration law is one of the primary issues that we have to consider it. How many people around the world, from different countries have applied for the U.S. Green-Card to come here legally? And the fact is they have to wait many years in their countries to get Green-Card and come to the United State, although they can come here and stay illegally as well as many other illegal immigrants...


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