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Nature Cure

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‘Know thyself’ is the song of the great philosopher of ancient times and ‘thou art that’ is the slogan of great sages in India. When you know yourself you come to the knowledge that in you and in everything the Absolute dwells. This might be the knowledge of knowledge. It is vastly more than a system of curing aches and pains; it is a complete revolution in the art and science of living. It is the practical realization and application of all that is good in natural science, philosophy and religion. Like many another world-wide revolution and reformation, it had its inception in Germany, the land of thinkers and philosophers though India had been practicing it centuries ago.
In this paper we mainly discuss the nature, origin, basic principles, and concept of disease and different treatment methods of Nature Cure. In this modern age which lacks an eco-friendly attitude it will be useful to think on Nature and its powers.
Modern medicine is an offspring of the modern science. Its history spans over less than 400 years. Human beings were living before the development of medicine and there were many forms of medical practices existing all over world. The Ayurveda tradition of medical practice has got a history of more than 3000 years. But the development of modern medicine has really either enslaved of annihilated all other forms of claim that it is the most perfect and the scientific form of medical practice. But it is very difficult to substantiate materially their claims. The side effects and the evil effects of modern medicine have been seriously criticized both by scientists and laymen alike. These criticisms, which are instrumental for emergence of a new awareness of those alternative medical systems, also should be taken into considerations. The Ayurveda gets worldwide attention nowadays. It can be considered as an example.

Nature Cure is an art and science of healthy living and...


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