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Student Weaknesses in Writing

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Student Weaknesses in Writing

Some strengths of mine in writing are not as common as compared with my weaknesses. Spelling is my favorite technique in writing. I know that it may be difficult for others, but it is not for me. Spelling can trick many people, because so many words are pronounced differently, than they are when spelled out.

As a student, I feel that I have many writing weaknesses. I know that on my own, and because teachers have told me so. Some of the complications I face with writing is not using enough body paragraphs, forgetting a thesis statement, lack of word choice, punctuation errors, and etc. I am unaware at times of my mistakes, but I always try to correct them.

Some students seem to have trouble with punctuation as well as spelling. I am the kind of person who is usually wonderful at spelling. I think that many people have different levels of writing. What I mean by this is that some people may have much strength, while others have more weaknesses. Each person varies. I am the type of person who is not as good with my structure, but I am great at spelling this is where my strength begins to be involved. As the time goes along in a paper that I write, I begin to create new ideas. Here I am able to create mysterious and intriguing titles.

This is quite accurate of many people today. We all make mistakes in our letters, papers, commercials, and even on the Internet. Each time we notice them, we try to fix them. No matter how many times a person is mistaken for an error, they will always try again to improve their mistakes.


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