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A Farewell Speech Made Bymjs at Model School

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Appaya Nagar
Andhra Pradesh
November 27, 2010

Dear Prabha,

How are you? I am doing great. Hope aunty and everyone back home are doing well too!

I GOT A NEW PHONE! I am so excited, you won’t believe. You know what happened on my birthday last week. My dad was not with me for the first time on my birthday as he was out of station. I was missing him so much and so was he. He could only call to wish me. I was so disappointed. Mom tried
very hard to keep me cheerful by making ‘gulabjamoons’ and inviting all my neighbors for a delicious dinner. She ordered a yummy cake from Basels, the cake makers. Despite all this, I was not at the peak of my spirits, missing my dad and that surprising gift he gets every year.

Anyway, yesterday I got back from school and there he was. He was supposed to be returning next week but he just couldn’t miss me anymore. I was very happy to see him but had this look of disgruntlement. He apologized the whole evening and was pampering so much. Though he was tired from the travel, he decided to take us out for a dinner. We went to the Kebab Joint (my favorite place). I ordered ‘koftha chicken’ along with some ‘roti’. We left the place by about 10:30 pm. Though we were all tired that never showed. I was so delighted; I forgot to ask about the gift!

After reaching home, dad put me to bed and kissed good night. The next day was Saturday and he said we would go out on a long drive and stop by ‘Mc Donalds’ on the way! I was very pleased as the day was so good. 15 minutes after he switched off the lights and left the room, I could hear a feeble music under my pillow. Wondering if that was mom’s iPod, I started to get up and search.

To my surprise, there was a gift pack with a nice pink ribbon and a label that read “Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! I missed you”. I shouted in excitement as my mom and dad walked into the room. The shine in my eyes put the sleep off! Dad came closer and whispered,...


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