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Va Changed Me

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Moving to Virginia has had very many major effects on my life. The up’s and downs
I’ve experienced here have drastically changed and molded my life. Some of my most enjoyable moments in life happened in Virginia. My son being born was a major part of changing me. Another life changing event was my job status increased once I moved here. The opportunities were greater here than other places I’ve lived. Finally moving to Virginia made me happy and very content.
        Like in most situations, there is a good and bad part to it. In my case, moving to Virginia was majorly good. The bad parts were there as well but necessary for me to learn as lessons. The positive sides were me being more independent than I ever was and me learning more about money management. I also learned how to appreciate different cultures because Virginia is so diverse in races. The negative side was that it made me miss home a bit more than normal.
      Since moving to Virginia, from New Jersey some things I’ve done have been dreams come true. Coming here has allowed me to see parts of the world through others eyes. Talking to people that has traveled the world and looking at the items from different countries and listening to their stories is exciting. This inspired me to want to see the world for myself so it drove me to set a goal and I completed it. I’ve won trips to places such as Dominican Republic and Hawaii. Also I purchased trips to various different places since I moved Virginia. Being so close to a navy base was also an eye opener, because of the different people you constantly meet. I couldn’t imagine not moving here because if I didn’t I don’t know if I would have ever had this experience any where else.
      One of the most important changes since me moving to Virginia was the birth of Jeremiah my son. His birth was an overnight change in my life. He immediately made me see life differently. He gave me aspiration and motivation to have a better life for the both of us....


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