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Content and Description of Courses in Economics Department at the University of Jos

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100 level Compulsory Courses:
ECO 112 and 122 – Economic Theory and Principles I & II
As introduction to the various issues, the nature of economic science, the methodology of economics, major areas of specialization in economics, historical development of economic ideas, major findings in the various areas of specialization , elementary principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, current issues of interest and probable future development.

ECO 111 and 121 – Introduction to Statistics I & II
Definition and scope of Statistics, use of statistics in everyday life, levels of measurement in social sciences, Distributions and comparisons, Types and techniques of data presentation; sources and nature of published data in Nigeria and their uses and limitations; methods of data collection – Census and surveys, Population and sample. Measures of central tendency and dispersion; the unit normal distribution. Simple tests of hypotheses; Simple regression analysis; Index Numbers

ECO 113 & 123 – Introductory Math for Economists
Mathematical concepts in the social sciences; set theory; factors and exponents, logarithms and trigonometry, equations, functions and progressions. Coordinates geometry, trigonometric functions and their inverse; inequalities; matrix algebra; differentiation; introduction to calculus; exponential and logarithmic functions; economic application of implicit functions, differential permutations and combinations, etc.

ACC 111 – Introduction to Accounting (Accounting department)
BUS 112 – Introduction to Business Management (Management Department)

200 level Compulsory Courses:
ECO 211 & 221 – Microeconomics I & II
Microeconomic theory; Problem of scarce resources and allocation of resources in production and factor markets with application to Nigeria and other economies; Equilibrium concepts; possibility of disequilibrium; partial equilibrium and general equilibrium analysis. Supply and demand...


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