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Diferences Between Rural and Urban Life

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Industrialization and modernization, which replace muscle and brawn with technological wonders, offer us certain advantages to enjoy our lives. Although they have put a deep effect on both cities and countries, there are still wide gaps between the two areas. This paper will show several remarkable differences between rural life and urban life in three important fields, such as education, infrastructure, and social life.
First of all, we will talk about education. Living in the city, it is easier and freer to get knowledge because there are many good schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities with experienced and professional teaching staff who apply new education methods with modern equipment and informative materials. It also has many centers of foreign languages with native teachers so we have much more choices to learn better at our favorite languages, like English, Chinese, Japanese, French and so on. Whereas, in the country, there are fewer opportunities to approach extra classes, the main method is to study on our own. Besides, public libraries in the country are poorer and sources of new books are not supplemented as regularly as ones in the city.  
The second difference between the two is infrastructure. In city, there are more factories than ones in a village; as the result, more choices of career and various products with high quality are offered. In addition, in contrast to rural areas, urban areas have traffic light systems and public transportation is more modern and advanced , but we also need to solve traffic jams in rush hours and flooded streets after heavy rains as soon as well. Also, schools and hospitals in the city are fully equipped so education and health care services can reach the best effect and quality. On the other hand, the infrastructure in country is so poor that there is a serious lack of equipment for people in there.
Three main differences about social life between urban life and rural life are living standard,...


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