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The First Day
It is every person’s dream to come to the US and make it big with those little dreams he savored since his childhood. Similarly, I was no different than others. I had already waited anxiously for about 10 years before coming to US in 2007. Therefore, this country had a very profound respect for itself. I did not want to let go the amazing chance I had gotten to make my dreams come true in this country by having a good education.
I still remember the day my schooling began in this country. The nervousness was already at its peak since the last few days. One of the hardest parts of the day was to find my way to one class after another. Moreover, the poor knowledge of English language tried to sabotage my confidence in each and every way possible. I had to basically express my thoughts through sign language for first few weeks.
I was used to entering a classroom by asking a permission, which did not turn out to be a very pleasant etiquette in this school. I tried not to get in other people’s attention. I sat in the corner seats in most of my classes. I tried to stay calm, but nervousness was acting upon me. I tripped over someone’s backpack in the very first class. I remember standing in the line for the lunch and when the lady behind the counter asked for the money, I did not know how to count it. Moreover, on my way to the lunch table, I dropped my whole tray and ended up ruining my clothes.
Similarly, I did not want to go to school for the first few weeks. I remember skipping classes many times, and just walk around the school in the empty hallways. I got caught one time, and had to serve the detention. The only thing I looked forward in the week was the weekend. I felt that it was going to be the only day when I will not have to face the school. I did not get involved in any extracurricular activity.
Therefore, the first day of my schooling in US was above all a great experience for me. I have learned a lot of great things in the last 4 years...


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