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American Women of Today vs.Victorian Women Yesteryears

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When we begin to look at marriage in the Victorian era and compare it to modern marriage we cannot eliminate all the time in between. Through time marriage and the role of women in marriage has evolved. We will begin to examine the reasons for marriage, marriage and divorce, and of course attitudes toward women. We will be able to better understand how things have progressed and in some ways how things have not changed at all. We will begin first with talking about why Victorian Women married.
There are several factors that contributed to women during the Victorian age to marry. Many of these results were a result of lack of choice. First off we need to deal with education to understand why women married. Women were left uneducated in many areas of life. They had no control over their education and were taught about domestic duties only. Starting at a young age they were taught that a woman should get married and have children. They were born raised and educated to become wives and nothing else. They often spent their time with time consuming devices to hide the fact that she had a lot of free time on her hands. A woman was not expected to work unless she was in the lower class and had no choice and therefore often had plenty of time to look pretty. Women who were not in the work force were therefore seen as a higher class than working class women.
As a result of lack of education women were expected to marry in order to find someone to support them since they did not have the knowledge to do many jobs. This leads us into the social and financial pressures that resulted in women getting married. Women were often married because girls parents would often search for a man who would be wealthy have a title and could advance their social status. According to califia.org Marriages of daughters were used to secure business deals, increase wealth, raise status etc. It was as if women were being dealt with as objects that could be bought and sold at a whim. They did...


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