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A Burglary

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My grandmother and grandfather live alone with their vicious, but faithful dog, Lucy, in a quiet neighbourhood. They have been living for twenty years in the same house and never had problems with criminals.
Lucy is a white boerbull nearly eight years old. She is house trained and slow at night but stays indoors outside during the day. She's usually a very quiet dog that just barks once or twice if a stranger is at the gate. She is my grandfather's best friend and as a member of the family. The two of them are always together...
My grandparents wre one evening sitting in the lounge watching TV when they heard what sounded like glass breaking. My grandfather got up to investigate, but before he reached the door appeared before him a man with a big knife. I think my grandmother was in shock, because she just sat and stared, she could not make a sound. My grandfather went to her side to try and protect her. The robber told them to shut up and asked them all the money they had. During this time Lucy was asleep in another room. My grandfather told the robber to calm down and that he could take whatever he wanted without hurting them. At that moment Lucy arrived and jump to my grandparents and he starts barking and growling violence for the killer.
The robber swung his knife and tried to stab Lucy but she getting mad and grabbed his leg and the robber fell to the floor. My grandma phonedthe police they arrived within 15 minutes there and by the time Lucy had bitten the man and stop him running away.
My grandparents were very thankful for Lucy because things could have been worse if she was not there. The bond between them is even stronger now....


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