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Choose Practical Courses or Not

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Choose Practical Course or Not?
University, considered as the paradise of the knowledge, is offering increasingly practical courses for students to lay a foundation for their future career. In the meantime, college students are practically-minded when choosing courses. They tend to choose courses providing skills needed at the workplace rather than traditional knowledge. Some individuals argue that college students should learn knowledge for its own sake, regardless of whether the course is useful for an employer. However it is still a necessity for college students to choose practical courses.

Convincing arguments can be made that practical courses do benefit their future careers. To start with, learning practical knowledge makes it possible for students to keep up with the latest technology. Therefore, they are able to get adjusted to their working life without much effort. Moreover, it is widely accepted that equipped with practical knowledge, students are much more competitive when they run for a position. Plenty of evidence has shown that students who have taken practical courses outweigh other candidates because they know what and how to do in different situations. Another significant factor that should be taken into account is some practical skills developed through these courses, for instance, communication techniques. In this way, they can easily form a harmonious relationship with their colleagues, which plays a vital role in their working life.

Additionally, it is the ability of application, usually deficient in traditional courses, that renders need for students to learn practical courses. Force-feeding approach to teaching, which is commonly used in the traditional courses in China, drum the book knowledge into students’ mind, without telling them how to apply it into reality. A gap is therefore formed between reality and book. It is widely accepted that many graduates can not even address a simple practical problem with a great deal of book...


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