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Poor Shunning Agro Scheme

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Poor shunning agro scheme
I refer to the report “poor shunning agro scheme” by newspaper article on 8th February 2011. I feel disappointed with some of the hardcore poor who refused help from the state government to provide them a decent living, as “Program Azam Tani” is an excellent effort from state government. The agro scheme will benefit the programme members in several aspects, aside from helping them out of their poverty.
One of the benefits from the “Program Azam Tani” is it would educate or train the hardcore poor to earned better income. Other than that, the programme would indirectly transform them to be more independent without only hoping for monthly monetary aid from the state government. Furthermore, the usual perception that poor people are lazy to work will be eliminated since they could prove that they work hard to change their lives by joining the “Program Azam Tani”.
The next benefit of the agro scheme is it could decrease the number of school dropouts of children from poor families. By entering the agro scheme, the hardcore poor could enrol their children to school to receive ample education. Since they could afford to pay school fees, there is no reason for their children to leave school. For example, children do not need to quit school or working at young age to suppress the economic burden of their families. Thus, the agro scheme indirectly gives hope to the poor families’ children to have proper education and eradicate their poverty in the future.
In addition to that, the knowledge obtained from the livestock sectors, for instance aquaculture and agriculture sectors which are the main focus of the agro scheme will benefit the hardcore poor in the future. The livestock sectors are really vast and the livestock sectors also have high prospects in our country, the successful previous scheme’s members could share their experiences and knowledge with the scheme’s members. Therefore, their bond will be really tight because they are...


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