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Problems of Indian Womens

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problems of an Indian woman
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By Matrixkavi
wife beating is an offensive crime
eve teasing- I bet many Indian girls are victims of this

Problems faced by Indian women

It's been over sixty years since our country gained independence, but Indian women are still not allowed to move independently. Though woman is worshipped here as Goddess here, people can't just restrain from committing atrocities against them. Women here experience many hardships at various places right from home to working places.

I have heard some time ago that in developed countries like America, the couples do household works together, but it is not the case in India. Here, women have to do the household works alone while the husbands sit in front of the TV or read the newspaper slouching in a couch. After about eight to twelve hours of work, a typical working woman in India has to return home and make food for the rest of the family. There are , of course, husbands who help wives, but majority of husbands fall into the other category.

Another problem that many of the women in rural areas of India face is that they can't move about freely at nights. I am a small village girl who visits Mumbai at times. Things in metropolitian cities are really different and I have thought a thousand times like how good it could have been had I been living in a city like Mumbai. In my village, women can't go out after six in the evening without the fear of being chased eve teasers.

Dowry system in India is actually illegal according to the laws. But the laws imposed have not removed the curse of the system completely. A girls's family is forced to give some amount of money or gold while she gets married. Whatever may be the lumpsome amount given, the in-laws are never satisfied and once the girl enters their house, they torture both the girl and her family, insisting to give them more dowry. Although all the cited problems occur...


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