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Lebanese American University

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The Lebanese American University (LAU) is a nonprofit organization , it has two campuses one in Beirut and one in Jbeil, its known by its high academic performance and by the excellent level of   education that it provide for its students ;furthermore, LAU is competing to be one of the world best universities , but what stands behind this success ? . As we know the success of an organization depends on its management efficiency and effectiveness . we can divide LAU into doctors and teachers , students ,and other employees.
Doctors and teachers are people who hold a masters degree or a PHD ,most of them are educated in foreign countries such as the united states , united kingdom ,Australia , Canada; moreover   they are divided among the faculties that are   available in LAU ( arts and sciences , business ,pharmacy , engineering , architecture ) and each faculty has its own dean.
Doctors and teachers their job is not only to teach students the material ,or the subject which is assigned to them to do ,but also to help student deal with issues and obstacles that might face them in their life. They also try to develop students intellectual and communication skills through critical thinking exams and group projects.
Students of LAU come from different back grounds and cultures holding different values , beliefs   ,thoughts ;however, LAU unite them by sharing with them some values such as equality fairness ,respect …., this diversity of cultures among the students   gives them the chance to learn about each other more and understand each other one of the aspects which is helping this interaction to take place between the students are the student clubs ( Armenian club , ski club , engineering club …).
Students at Lau are special because they have high academic performance   and they are outgoing ,where they like to party and hangout with their friends spending good times together, this uniqueness can only be found in LAU students.
A university can’t function well in the...


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