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Othello 20

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Othello the Moor, a black man isolated in a white man’s army, was looked down upon not only because of his race, but his appearance as well.   He had scars on his face from battle and war. In the beginning of the story, Othello was secretly married to a woman named Desdemona. Once everyone including Brabantio, Desdemona’s father, became aware, they disapproved of their marriage.   Brabantio believed Othello used magic to trick his daughter into marrying him.   Since he had such a rugged appearance, Brabantio found it hard to believe that she would fall in love with him without the use of magic. “To fall in love with what she feared to look on?”   (1.3.98) questioned Brabantio. Othello was certainly a man who had much insecurity because of his appearance, faced deception from those he trusted the most, and became doubtful of the honesty in his marriage.
Othello’s appearance made him feel belittled, being that no one treated him with the respect he deserved, simply because of his battle wounds and color.   Cassio, a handsome and younger man, was most capable of being promoted.   Iago was part of the army in Cyprus, and at first was under the impression that he was going to be made lieutenant.   He later was informed that Othello would give Cassio the position as lieutenant instead, which made him furious. This started Iago’s hatred towards Cassio, so he began a plot to get revenge on both Cassio and Othello. Othello had complete trust in both Iago and Cassio, though he later questioned this because Iago told him that Cassio is having an affair with his wife.   Taking into consideration that Cassio was such a good looking man, and much younger than himself, he became jealous of him.

This goes along with Othello being deceived by people that he trusted.   Othello was a man of action that can defeat any foe.   Not realizing the foe, Iago was right in front of him.   Othello states, “Iago is most honest.” (2.3.7)   Iago deceives Othello into believing that his wife Desdemona...


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