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Chapter 1 "Wow"

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Lynn Leazenby
PHI 151 853 Ethics Fall 2010
Course Integration Paper
Social Ethics-CIP
Wow; that was my first reaction when I got home with my book and seen that “chapter 1 abortion” that really made me wonder if I was prepared. I thought what a strong subject to start this journey. What could I have to say that everyone has not heard a thousand times over? What could others say that I have not heard? There was plenty to be said. This has been a great journey and I hope to meet up with you all in another place.
I have always tried to keep an open mind to most things. I have always believed that everyone has a right to choose. It is their life to decide how to live it. If you make your own decisions and you fail then it becomes your responsibility to make it right. Each one of us has to take responsibility for our own life.
The women that feels an abortion, at this time in her life, is the right thing to do. She should have that right of privacy and should not be judged by any court or group. She must understand though that it is her discussion and she must not expect the tax-payers to flip the bill. No one should want or have the right to judge something or someone that they know nothing about. Yes most people want to do the right thing but does that give us the right to judge the ones that don’t? That leads to my next point.
Euthanasia and the Death Penalty: as for someone to have the right to say enough is enough. I faced this head on when I had to fight for my father’s right. He gave eight years of pain and suffering and endless scares on his body. He had faith everyday that one more day was worth living. He tried everything available to him. Why should he not have the right to choose, when do you say enough is enough? Who are these people that think it is their business to decide someone else’s faith? I say to these people “get a life”.
When it comes to our environment this is one issue we all need to take responsibility for. We all need to...


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