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Naomi Evans

Compare and Contrast Romeo and Juliet Movie

Romeo and Juliet both modern and old movie have a lot of differences and similarities based on setting,
major characters, plot, props, and theme. The setting old version of Romeo and Juliet is in Italy,
and the modern version of Romeo and Juliet setting was in California's Verona Beach and filmed in
Mexico. The   Montagues clothing was very different from each movie. In the modern version the way
they look was buzz cuts, pink hair, tattoos, and colorful. And in Shakespeare's version of Romeo and
Juliet, they wore dark and sober clothes.
As for the Capulet's the way the look would be describe as vests, tattoos, and mainly dark clothes in the
modern version but in the old version they wore   lighter, brighter, clownish and more colorful colors
used like orange.   A difference in the movies is the   characters; they have a lot of similarities yet a lot of  
differences. they also had different races as the characters The characters are much older in
Shakespeare's version and much wiser, and in the modern
version they are much younger and not as wise and smart. The characters in the old version such as
Juliet is an affluent, amiable, mature yet calm character, and in the modern version she is the same
way but foolish. Another character in the old version is Romeo. He is a sorrowful, brave, emotional,  
and ambitious. But in the modern version he is dramatic, confused, secretive, yet VERY determined for
Juliet. They both are foolish to me. The other major characters in the modern version such as Mercutio
was VERY different from the   Mercutio in the old version. The Mercutio in the new version was
African American and was a little feminine, but the one in the old version was Caucasian he didn't
dress as he was female besides the Mercutio in the modern version. Instead he dressed like a male but
yet he still seemed sort of feminine. But in both movies he still was foolish....


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