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Euphemism Expression in Business English

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Euphemism expression in business English

Abstract: Euphemism expression are commonly used in business correspondences and business negotiation. which is not only a social language phenomenon, but it is also a cultural phenomenon. By making an analysis of euphemistic expressions and courtesy principle used in business correspondences and business negotiations, this paper mainly discusses the fulfillment of euphemistic expressions in business English through the following four ways: the subjunctive mood, passive voice, tense backward, negative. So the business personnel can fully understand and appreciate the euphemistic expression and achieve a success in the competitions.

Key words:euphemistic expression; courtesy principle; business negotiation;

Preface:   In English Euphemism ((Euphemism) The word comes from the Greek prefix eu = well, and root pheme = speaking, means that sounded good.   Under the euphemism of English dictionary definition is a euphemism used harmless or sweet-sounding words to replace those more direct, blunt words, with good words to cover up the fact that the modification of the means. Euphemism exist in a variety of languages, is the language of a universal phenomenon, it has long been a cause for attention and study. Euphemism of people focused on vocabulary level, such as with the pass way to replace the die. In fact, through the means of grammar and pragmatics can express the meaning of euphemism, and this means the application of Business Letters be very extensive. people often borrow a euphemism, politeness, euphemistically to state their views and wishes, requests or suggestions in order to facilitate the creation of a good
Business environment, each of the parties to achieve the intended purpose.
Business Negotiation refers to the negotiating parties in order to facilitate the sale of the transaction, or to resolve trade disputes or disputes and achieve their own economic interests of a method or means. It is both an...


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