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Iqbal and Pakistan

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The Advent of Pakistan
By Kalim Ahmed

The mood of post-independent India was that of turmoil. The country was divided along religious lines. There were attempts from all quarters to make India a nation with religious basis. Venomous slogans were in the air, from all corners. It was not patriotism that created this vile mood. It was really the product of hypocritical shallowness, and utter selfishness.   What was being dished out as patriotism was narrow nationalism and extreme veneration of religious leaders.
There were deliberate attempts to segregate the citizens on the basis of religions. Destructive ideologies were in the rhetoric everywhere. V.D. Savarkar’s book ‘Essentials of Hindutva’ was the forcing source of this ideology. It was proposing a nationalism of the elite class. Similar motives can be seen in the formation of R.S.S by Kasav Balaram Hedgewar in 1925.
These extremely absurd theories were to create endless miseries in India. The already splintered nation was again made the prey to such shameless scheming. The natural agitation that erupted from such things was playground of persons with extreme and disintegrative ideologies. These programs had the un-doubtable failing that they failed to encourage a united India. What was proposed at was polarisation of the people.
The vile proposal was that India should be seen not as a nation, but as a fatherland or motherland. There was to be only one culture, not a variety of cultures, that had existed here from time immemorial. Persons who have faith in Islam, Christianity, or Communism cannot be persuaded to accept such novel inputs of certain fertile imaginations. They cannot be compelled to accept Hinduism as their own culture. India cannot be a Hindu nation, to the exclusion of other faiths.
Kushwant Singh writes:
“The birth of Hindu nationalism took place in Renaissance Bengal in 1906 with the Hindu melas.   The primary objective of these melas was to train young Hindu in...


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