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My High School Crush

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My favorite high school year was my senior year. Not because it was the last year, but because of the person I met that year. This person was a she and I won’t tell you her name. She made my senior year unforgettable because of the way she made me feel. It is incredible the way someone can be in your every thought at every second of passing time.
We met in history class and at first I didn't even notice her. I am typically a shy and quiet person when surrounded by a group of unfamiliar students. She sat across from where I was seated and all I had to do was look up to see her. One day she said hello and asked for my name. She then introduced herself and asked me if I was from California. I told her I was and that I recently moved to Utah.   She said she could tell I wasn’t a long term Utah resident because of the way I dressed.   She explained the reason she could tell was because she was also from California.
We started hanging out a great deal during school. Sometimes we would ditch and walk around and talk. She would do most of the talking and I would just listen. After a while I started to grow more attached to her and I felt that we should be more than friends.   I wanted to tell her how I felt about her but the problem was she already had a boyfriend. I thought about her constantly and felt as if I was becoming obsessed but I just really cared about her.
Soon she started texting me and would tell me things like how charming I was and that I made her feel happy and pretty. I felt like she liked me almost as much as I loved her. I began to think of way I would tell her my true feelings and one day I told her. Her reaction was not quite what I expected.
I felt as if I was stabbed in the heart with a long rusty knife. She had told me she really loved her boyfriend right now and asked me to respect her relationship. I walked with my head down for the rest of that day and didn't say a word to anyone. I was confused. I didn't understand why she had turned me...


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