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Gatsby - Question

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The only question with wealth is what you do with it.
- John D. Rockefeller
When you lack money, that is a problem. When you have too much money, that also creates problems. In The Great Gatsby, people have beautiful houses,nice cars and a great life. But at the end, because of these wonderful possessions, it has an impact on the psychological and physical behaviors of the characters.
In the past, Jay Gatsby fell in love with Daisy but he was too poor at that time to marry her. He was a poor farmer in Minnesota. On the other hand, Daisy was a rich girl and “rich girls don’t marry poor boys.”So Gatsby decided to make money by becoming a bootlegger. Gatsby will do anything to get Daisy, even if it means doing illegal and unethical things.
The green light at the end of chapter 1 symbolizes hope and the “American dream.”Gatsby’s desire for Daisy is not only physical but also spiritual. In contrast, the valley of ashes at the beginning of chapter 2 symbolizes the dirty material-driven world the main characters live in. It ruins Gatsby’s dream. Later in the book, Daisy tells Gatsby that he reminds her of an advertisement. This statement proves that Daisy does not like Gatsby for himself, but for the superficial illusion he symbolizes.
Gatsby changed his name to start over, getting closer to God. In chapter 8, after the car accident Gatsby looks over to Daisy’s house, trying to protect her. But she was not there that night, so Gatsby dream was like over a nonexistent person.


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