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Bombing of Hiroshima

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Bombing of Hiroshima

Amanda Martin
Global History 10H
Ms. Tsounis
Period 9
On August 6, 1945 at   approximately 8:15a.m an American bomber named the Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb On Hiroshima, Japan. Some say that this horrific event shouldn’t have happened because of the long-term effects that came after it. The amount of casualties and deaths resulting from the bombing were unbelievable. Events that caused such chaos were the Manhattan Project and the Potsdam Conference. These two events were major influences in the decision for America to bomb the city of Hiroshima. Along with the causes there were many effects not only concerning the war they were in, but the city of Hiroshima itself.
Before the bombing of Hiroshima even occurred there were events that would ultimately lead to it happening. It all started with when nuclear fission was discovered in Germany in 1938 and the scientists realized the tremendous amount of energy is released from this reaction. They knew that if it wasn’t under the right hands and controlled carefully, then there would be major problems. Scientific refugees from Europe though Adolf Hitler would attempt to build an atomic bomb. Threatened, they persuaded Albert Einstein to appeal to President Franklin D. Roosevelt o let the United States experiment with the nuclear power. The majority of the work with the nuclear fission research was done at New York’s Columbia University in Manhattan. This is what became the Manhattan Project. The first atomic bombs were built in New Mexico because that’s where the United States main experiments were conducted. The Manhattan Project lasted about three years as they brought together some of the best minds in science and physics to create the first nuclear explosives. On July 16, 1945 in a desert at Alamogordo, New Mexico, Scientists tested the atomic bomb. The explosion was the most tremendous deadly force anyone has ever seen. From this, scientists feared that using this new weapon in war...


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