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Julius Caesar

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Name: __________________________________________ Julius Caesar Act I, scene i
1. How does Shakespeare show the political conflict in Rome?
2. What reason does the cobbler give Flavius and Marullus for leading the people through the street?
3. What is the real reason the people are out in the street?
4. What about Pompey is revealed in this scene?
5. What information is given about Caesar?
6. How does the scene show the fickleness of the crowd?
7. Shakespeare often uses comparisons (metaphor and simile) and figurative language. What is the comparison Flavius makes in the final lines of the scene?
8. What are the intentions of Flavius and Marullus as the scene ends?
Name: __________________________________________ Julius Caesar Act I, scene ii
1. How is Caesar’s power indicated in the scene?
2. What was the soothsayer’s warning?
3. What reason does Brutus give Cassius for his coolness towards him?
4. What two stories does Cassius tell about Caesar?
5. What does Cassius compare Caesar to in lines 142–45?
6. What reasons does Caesar give Antony that Cassius is dangerous?
7. Why does Casca say Caesar fell?
8. What does Brutus mean when he says Caesar has the “falling sickness”?
9. What does Cassius mean when he says, “But you, and I / And honest Casca, we have the falling sickness”? (266–67)
10. How does Cassius plan to trick Brutus into joining the plot against Caesar?
Name: __________________________________________ Julius Caesar Act I, scene iii
1. Why does Casca have his sword drawn?
2. What two “supernatural” events does Casca describe to Cicero?
3. What unusual “natural” event does he tell about?
4. Why does Casca think these unusual things are happening?
5. What information about Caesar is revealed in their conversation?
6. How is Cassius’ conduct in the storm different from Casca’s?
7. How does Cassius interpret all that is happening in Rome? 8. What news does Cinna bring to Cassius?
9. Why does Casca think it is important for Brutus...


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