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Every family has its own life style. In these days there are many styles of families. For example, two-career family, single-parent family, and stepfamily. In fact, the most common family life style is the two-career family where both parents have to go work. Actually, some people are strongly like this kind of life style but the other people do not. Also, they could not know if that is a good life style or not because it has many advantages and disadvantages.
Some families like to have this kind of life style which is two career families because that will make the family happy as much as it is difficult to have this life style. Also, this life style could be very helpful for these families which have children or lots of expenses to pay. For example, these families who have to make their children happy and never be in need for other people. Also, it is good life style to these families who have to pay a lot of money in some expenses like House Rent, Taxes, and Entertainment. So, this life style could help these families to increase their income to cover their needs.
On the other hand, this kind of life style could affect the family negatively. Actually, this life could make a gap between children and their parents because they do not have time to take care of their children. Also, as we know that it is the mother responsibility to do the house work, and to take care of kids which is not fair. In many cases, the dereliction feelings of parents towards their children could make them to anything their children want which could affect their relationship negatively.
All people should choose their own life style which is perfect for their life because every one of them could be very helpful for some families and useless for the others. However, each one of these life styles has many affects negatively or positively. So, families have to be careful to get a good future.  



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