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Opinnion Paper

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Opinion Paper

When it comes to who intentionally discovered North America the list could go on. It’s all common sense when it comes down to knowing which discoveries were intentional or not intentional. There may be other options’ on which on is which but by the information that I have in my notes I can honestly back up the reasons why I think what I think. Starting with the most intentional being the no-mads, and the least intentional being the Christopher Columbus adventure.
The more I analyze the no-mads discovery the more I believe it was the most intentional .As the ice-age came to a end in that period of time, land was discovered. Which brought in “the great migration”, as the food sources spread the animals quickly followed. How can I forget as well when the ice age ended Asia separated from what now we call North America. So other continents were formed thanks to the ice melting.
In my opinion Columbus had absolutely no idea there was land between his locations to Asia. His main goal was to find a faster route to Asia for trading purposes only. So by Columbus finding North America and all the other land over there was defiantly on accident as he was trying to get to Asia. When he arrived at land he had no clue where he was he honestly thought he already came to Asia but little did he know he
Discovered what now we call North America.
There could be many opinions about this intentional and not intentional ways to discovering North America. The statements remain clear on which I believe are the most correct. The no-mads being the most intentional on finding North America and settling there. As well as the journey of Christopher Columbus being the least intentional sense his goal was completely different. Overall I stand strongly on my opinions on this segment.


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