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Hip Resurfacing

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Hip Resurfacing Write-up
The Hip Resurfacing operation was going to be done on a 55-year old male. He had healthy bones and no significant bone loss.   I viewed x-rays of the man’s hips and one side had very little cartilage left. I then proceeded to template the patient by choosing new components that would properly fit. After templating the patient I sterilized and got ready for surgery.   After getting the patient ready for surgery I drew a line on the hip. I used this line as a guide while cutting through the patient’s skin using a Scalpel. As usual I had to cauterize the blood vessels using a Bovie. I had to get the Scalpel again to cut through the muscles. After cutting them I cauterized the blood vessels one last time. After all the incisions were done I dislocated the Femoral Head. After the Femoral Head was exposed I measured it another time to make sure my previous guess was correct. After that I had to estimate the center of the Femoral Head before I drilled a hole. After drilling a hole I put in the new rod and reamed the diameter of the Femoral Head to the correct size. After reaming the head I put the new trial head on. After the Femoral Head was done I had to ream the Acetabulum so a new cup could be inserted. I then got the new cup and tapped it into place using a Mallet. After it was in place I got the Ronjeur and cut the bone spurs off. I proceeded to put the Femoral Head back into place to test range of motion in the patient. It was very good, so I dislocated the Femoral Head once again. After dislocating I removed the trial pieces and replaced them with the final pieces. After cementing the new pieces into place I popped the head back into proper position. I then closed the incisions using a Suture and Staples. The patient’s operation went good and the x-rays showed a successful operation. The patient now will have even healthier bones later on In life.
Hip Resurfacing Conclusion
The Hip Resurfacing operation was fun but seemed repetitive. It...


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