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Motivation 10

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Research Methods and Methodologies in Accounting and Management

                                              COURSEWORK ONE

Using a topic from the attached list, develop a fully justified research question and objectives.
Your answer should review the relevant literature in the field, explain how your research
question fits into that literature, and explain the need for, and importance of, your proposed

Motivation In The 21st Century-----Are People really Motivated?


People get stimulated into achieving certain objectives and goals for self satisfaction, recognition, pleasure, wealth and so on. This is known as motivation. Motivation could be done through giving of incentives, increase in employees pay, commission, work recognition and so on. In corporate environment, it is a major role of managers to ensure that they create a desire within their employees to bring out the best of their efforts in the workplace for the accomplishment of the company’s goals. Since the late 60’s till date, various researchers have given different motivational theories on how individual in a workplace can be motivated. Scholars like McGregor and Maslow are of the opinion that what can motivate a man is self actualization while Taylor.F.suggested that work remuneration is the main motivator to make people work faster and better. However, in the 21st century, it is believed that motivation lost its relevance in organization and researchers such as Seivers (1986), Linstead.et.al (2009) andSchermerhorn.et.al (2004) criticized the works of the older scholars. The objectives of this research work are to:
  1.   To differentiate motivation as an encouragement or manipulation.


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