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Answers to Texas Driver's Ed Questions

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1. 18
2. $200
3. A reasonable restriction or an endorsement to improve the safety of your driving. Types: with corrective lenses, LOFS age 21 or older, daytime only, not to exceed 45 MPH, no expressway driving
4. Turn the steering wheel to the left, so the back of the front wheels points to the right
5. You must be responsible to renew your license
6. The broken lane marker is white
7. A red triangle with a white center and the words inside it are yield
8. A yellow diamond sign that depicts a narrowing road, you should slow down
9. A white vertical rectangle
10. Yellow diamond with curving line and arrow with two curves
11. It means shouldn’t pass another car
12.   Vertical rectangle that says slow traffic keep right sign
13. Somebody else gets to go where you want to go first
14. Brakes (Foot Brake, Parking Brake) 2. Lights (Two Headlights, Tail Lights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, License Plate Light, Reflectors, Parking Lights) 3. Horn 4. Muffler 5. Safety Glass 6. License Plates 7. Windshield Wiper 8. Rearview Mirror 9. Slow-Moving Vehicle Emblem (if designed to travel at 25 mph or less) 10. Front Seat Belts 11. Tires 12. Fuel Cap
15. The exhaust emission system cuts down on your cars pollution
16. You must not have... a. A red light showing from the front. b. A bell, siren, or exhaust whistle. c. A muffler cutout. d. Anything that extends more than three inches beyond the left side or six inches beyond the right side of the body, running board, or fenders of your car. e. Flashing red lights on the front.
17. You obey the officer
18. 387 feet to stop once you have applied the brakes
19. If the red lights are flashing you cannot pass it
20. 110-119 feet
21. Within 20 feet of a cross walk at an intersection
22. 30 mph
23. No
24. 100 ft (five car lengths)
25. If you can't get into the proper lane at least within one-half block before you turn, then don't turn and continue straight.
26. The car on the two-lane road...


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