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· The 1908 Model T got 20mpg, and had a top speed of 45mph
· The first Model T retailed for $845, the last about $290
· By 1918, Half the cars in America were Model T's
· Model T engines continued to be produced until 1941
1863: On the 30th of July Henry Ford was born on a farm in Springwells Township, near Dearborn, Michigan.
1879: Henry Ford took his first job at the Michigan Car Company. The company located in Detroit dealt in manufacturing of railroad-cars. 
1880: Ford worked as a machine apprentice and begun work of a watch repairman in a shop in Detroit during extra hours.
1882: Ford worked on steam-driven farm machinery in Dearborn area. Later, Westinghouse employed him to operate their steam engines.
1884-85: He attended a business school in Detroit. 
1888: Ford wedded Clara Bryant.
1892: On account of a job in Edison Illuminating Company, he migrated to Detroit, accompanied by his wife.
1893: Clara gave a birth to little Edsel. He was promoted to the post of a Chief Engineer and was in a position to concentrate on his experiments.
1896: Since 1893, Ford had begun experimenting on his home-built internal combustion engines. In 1896, he succeeded in demonstrating his experiment by running his car first car called Ford Quadricyle. He drove it on the streets of Detroit for the first time on June 4,1896. He was introduced to Thomas Edison during the same year. 
1899: Ford backed by some investors established the Detroit Automobile Company on August 5. Unfortunately the plan failed and the company had to be dissolved in 1901.
1901: Ford was left jobless. He moved his family to his father’s place. 
1903: Ford, partnered be some other investors, formed the Ford Company with a capital of $28,000.
1908: Model T was introduced. The car model had many structural changes like the steering wheel being on the left side and the use of semi-elliptic springs in the car suspension. The car was affordable to the masses and easy to drive.
1913: Around the...


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