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Colonization Motives

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Colonization Motives

The Spanish, French and English all had their reasons for the way they thought about the Native Americans. All of their own reasons resembled who they were. The colonization motives of the Spanish, French and English mold their attitudes toward the Native Americans and the Native American culture in many different ways.
The enormous diversity of economic, social, and political structures among the North American Indians makes large generalizations about their cultures difficult. Before the arrival of the Spanish, the Native Americans were also experiencing an agriculture revolution. More tribes other than just the Native Americans were developing new sources of food, clothing, and shelters. They were also experience a huge increase in population growth, which then continued to developing elaborate social customs and rituals for the people. In the Native American culture religion was very important, and gender was taken into consideration when it came to specific tasks.
As the Spanish became more colonized, they began to try to take over the Native Americans land.   When the Spanish first came to America they were only interested in one thing, getting rich. They had to go through the Native Americans for all their different motives, even religion, which was also an important force for colonization when it came to the Catholic Church. One of the big motives of a cultural exchange between the Spanish and Native Americans was the exchange of diseases to the New World. For the Native Americans this was a huge disadvantage because they did not have any immunizations for these diseases. There were illnesses such as influenza, measles, chicken pox, mumps, typhus, and the worst small pox. This made millions of Native Americans die because the Spanish had developed at least partial immunity but as for the Native Americans they were extremely vulnerable. For the Spanish and the Native Americans it was always a back and forth battle between them, one...


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