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Supperstitious Belifes

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Superstitious Beliefs
A compilation of some of the most common superstitious beliefs and practices from around the world. While some people follow them religiously, others dismiss them as mere irrational beliefs. Continue reading to know more about the world of superstitions.

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The moment you sneeze, the person besides you has to come up with 'god bless'. This incident happens at least once in everybody's life, and you and me are no exceptions. This superstition started in the 16th century in Europe, wherein it was believed the person throws the evil spirits within his body out when he sneezes. Most of these superstitious beliefs are backed by some illogical knowledge, and spread by gullible people. Basically, superstitions are the beliefs which are not at all backed by science, and far from rationality. From Friday the 13th to twitching right eye, everything has a superstitious belief associated with it, and some people just can't seem to survive without them. Read more on faiths and beliefs.

Superstitious Beliefs and Practices
Over a period of time, superstitious beliefs have rooted themselves firmly in our society, so much so that it is virtually impossible for the person to ignore them. They have made a place for themselves in all the walks of life, including politics and sports. Politicians resorting to the astrological predictions is not at all rare. On the other hand, examples of superstitions in sports include cricketers carrying a colored handkerchief in their pocket, or soccer players putting their right foot first when they enter the field. Such superstitious practices are found all over the world. While...


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