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Fast Food Shops Should Be Banned Within 2 Km of All Schools

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Fast food shops should be banned within 2 km of all schools

Some people would argue that fast food shops should be located 2 kilometers from all schools meanwhile others claim that fast food shops should be closer to schools.

First and foremost, fast food shops should be away from all schools within 2 kilometers because fast food is very unhealthy and harmful specially for children. It is much healthier to go to the bakery than to the fast food shop. Second of all, fast food is prepared and served very quickly which is not good at all. People are always being warned against the ill effects of fast food and the damage they cause to the human health. Last but not least, fast food leads to a risk of high blood pressure or even blocking of the arteries.

On the other hand, fast food should be placed much more closer to the schools so that children can have more options when they are having their breaks. In addition to this, students might be running late with all their daily chores and they dont have time to prepare healthy meals at home so the simple thing to do then is to stop at the fast food shop because they will get their food very quickly.   Above all, fast food is quite tasty and warm.

However, to my opinion, fast food should be banned within 2 kilometers of all schools because it is very unhealthy and also eating fast food with tons of calories and fat on a regular basis inevitably leads to obesity. Another fact is that fast food may speed up people's risk of blocked arteries that can lead to heart attacks. There are many healthy food choices that are easily available, tasty, and don't cost very much that can be eaten on the go.


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