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Historical Review on the Last of the Mohicans

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Research Text: The Last of the Mohicans
During the French and Indian War, one important event, the siege of Fort William Henry in the province of New York had formed the basis of the story for The Last of the Mohicans, a classic fiction by James Fenimore Cooper. Through this, the author managed to depict the scale of the war, most noticeably the significant involvement of Native Americans in a conflict between the British and the French. The aim of this research paper is to evaluate the accuracy and relevance of the historical events as depicted in the novel, in comparison with the actual events.
Colonel Munro of Fort William Henry requested for reinforcements from General Webb of Fort Edward when his own fort was attacked by the French. Webb fulfilled the request by sending reinforcements. Munro’s daughters, Cora and Alice also left Fort Edward for their father and they were led by Major Duncan Heyward who was in turn, guided by an Indian called Magua.
Along the way, they were joined by David Gamut, a psalmist. They soon met with Hawkeye, a white hunter and his Mohican companions, father Chingachgook and son Uncas. Hawkeye suspected that Magua was working for the French after discovering that he was a Huron. Heyward, together with the Mohicans, tried to capture Magua but failed as he managed to escape.
As night fell, the group sought refuge in a cavern under Glenn’s Falls. However, they were detected by the Iroquois and a few small battles ensued, leaving several Iroquois dead and Gamut wounded. Hawkeye and the Mohicans were convinced by Cora to leave and seek help from Munro while she and the rest continued to hide in the cavern.
Unfortunately, the ones who hid in the cavern had been discovered and captured by Magua and the Hurons. Magua revealed his intention to marry Cora to avenge himself on Munro. Cora refused and Magua and some other Indians responded by nearly killing Alice but the entire commotion was over when Hawkeye and...


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