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Robert Clive

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Does Robert Clive Deserve A Statue?

I think Robert Clive does deserve a statue. Robert Clive is known for battles he fought which undoubtedly changed the course of history.

Who is Robert Clive? Robert Clive led the British rule in India, fighting several important battles with the French for control of the trade in the sub union. This helped join the economic power that allowed the British Empire to grow, as well as forging the connections between India and Britain that still exist today. Although this didn’t happen very easily, today the connection between Britain and India is very strong. People didn’t think Robert Clive would ever end up as powerful as he did because when he was younger he was incredibly naughty but in the end achieved such great things.

What Did He Do? Robert Clive (after joining the EIC) was in many wars/battles with other countries such as India and France because they threatened the British trade routes. The first of the battles that he was in was the Battle of Calcutta in February 1757. This led to a series of victories that led to the important win at the Battle of Plassey in June 1757. The Battle of Calcutta was against India, In June. Clive received news that the new Nawab had attacked the English at Kasimbazar and shortly afterwards on 20 June he had taken the fort at Calcutta.

Clive quickly re-took the city and then inflicted a decisive defeat on Siraj ud Daula at the Battle of Plassey. Clive's army of 3,000 men, with just 650 British, was no match for the Nawab's 68,000-strong French-backed army.

These two battles were not caused by Clive, he was just protecting his men and defending his country. India rebelled on what Clive had already did but Clive wouldn’t let the Indians take over the empire that he built up, so he fought back.
It got back to England that Clive had “got rich quick”, he was accused for taking £250,000 from India.

I don’t think that Clive accepted all the £250,000 but I do think that he...


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