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Gatsby 1

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An anonymous person once said “Literature opens a dark window on the soul, revealing more about what is bad in human nature than what is good”. Literature can cause and take someone that is perfect and, gorgeous and turn them into having bad and wicked qualities in both physical and mental aspects. When a novelist or author puts their pen to paper, and mind on the subject at hand it is their own human nature to write what he or she is feeling. Whether it being a great fantastic feeling, or a dull and non-interesting one, it still does not extinguish the fact that it is the writer who has a dark window in their soul and not the literature.
The Great Gatsby is something of an American dream, in the sense of a man called
Jay Gatsby whose dream seemed to be attainable, but didn’t take into account all the aspects of his situation. During the main storyline, which reveals Gatsby’s obsession with an old lover called Daisy. Their reunion at Nick Caraway’s house leads to an affair, and eventually expresses the bad human nature of both of them. Throughout the novel, The Great Gatsby, it was evident that Tom Bunchamen and Daisy had an unstable relationship. Both Tom and Daisy come from wealthy backgrounds. Tom is a small man hiding in his big house with a large ego. Daisy is a character who is in love with having a rich and lavish lifestyle. Though big strong, and arrogant, Tom still shows that he cares a little bit for Daisy. As human instincts come in, bad nature follows; Tom has never been faithful to Daisy, even during the very earliest days of their marriage. Tensions between them flare occasionally, for instance when nick is at their home for dinner. Tom’s mistress calls him at home, he takes the call, and daisy followed him into the house, and an argument arose. Tom continued to cheat on her, and Daisy decided to renew her affairs with Gatsby as an act of retribution. When she goes with Tom to one of Gatsby’s parties, her behavior is not particularly discreet....


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