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The Most Dangerous Game - Essay

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The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell 1: In the start of the story it describes Whitney and Rainford on a boat. They describe the setting around them as a very dark dank tropical night. They mention that, they are in the Caribbean and, are heading for Rio. Later in the story the setting is the jungle with lots of trees, quicksand etc. 2: These people are on a voyage for a big hunting trip.3: Rainsford and Whitney are both big game hunters bound in a hunting trip in the Amazon.4: The island Whitney and Rainsford see near by is called Ship Trap Island. The name of the Ship Trap Island implies ships getting trapped or being trapped, which no one wants to happen.. And also Captain Nielsen who is described as a tough minded old Swede, says “This place has an evil name among seafaring men” yet he seems to be intimidated by the Island. 5: The opinions on hunting between Rainsford and Whitney are different. They discuss whether or not their prey can actually feel fear. Rainsford believes that the world is made up of two classes the hunters and the haunted. Whitney feels they do understand fear, pain and death. And that it may be fun for the hunter, but not the haunted. 6: While going past Ship Trap Island, Rainsford hears three gun shots. 7: When hearing the gun shots Rainsford moved quickly to the rail, and leaped on the rail to investigate. While hoisting himself on rail he drops his pipe, and loses his balance trying to catch it. He lunges too far and accidentally plunges into the water. 8: When Rainsford falls off the boat he deals with the situation by first taking off his clothes. He does this because, wet clothes are heavy, and would take more energy to swim with. He then remembered which way the gun shots had come from, and doggy paddled to that direction. He swam with slow deliberate strokes, counted his strokes, so that he could conserve his energy. 9: The three sounds Rainsford heard when approaching the island were: A animal in an extremity of anguish and...


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