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Cooperation Is Far More Positive in Education

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Nurturing a sense of competition in children can be very important. However, I take the view that cooperation is far more positive in education.

Many people feel that the young should be taught to win in every respect, since the fierce competition become much more common in our society. Take the workplace for example, competition for every job is now of badly fierceness in all parts of the world, not just developed countries, as young people are qualified and determined to be competitive than previous generations. Nevertheless, I think the increased development of technology and the worldwide communication need more cooperation rather than competition.

It is certainly important to make sure that people nowadays have easier access to communicate with other people. Moreover, the traditional ‘face-to-face’ method is not the only way to address some misunderstanding issues. E-mail, msn, and twitter, for instance, all can be very useful to eliminate the barriers between different cultures. Communication is much more effective than past time, as it is a vital part of cooperation. Another factor should not be ignored is that some hard problems require a lot of sophisticated skills which no one can tackle them alone, like the operations that doctors do for patients, only through vast cooperation can the patients be cured and saved. Furthermore, providing children who are willing to be taught to co-operate with others, they may be more warm hearted and always ready to help other people in their adulthood. One reason for this is that they understand each other better during the process the cooperation. A good example is girls are more sensible to care the weaker and want to help them in some cases, whereas boys eager to worship of the stronger, as they are known to prefer competitive activities and always like to be the winner.

In conclusion, competition can be necessary in some arenas, but the aim of upbringing and schooling should focus on cooperation. Team spirit...


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