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Living Again

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CHAPTER 1                                    
LIFE is not meant to be easy. There’s never a short-cut to life. You’ve to experience things you wouldn’t even think is possible. Like being hurt. These words coming from me, Kyra Dawn – THE Kyra Dawn – actually means something.
Hurt is bigger than life. When hurt hits you, you’ll feel like your heart is being ripped apart inside or being ripped out. Wait, isn’t that sadness? Whatever. Those two emotions come together like salt and pepper. When those emotions hits you, you’ll act strong and try to hide this feeling, hoping nobody will see it because they will start comforting you and keep telling you that ‘They are in a better place now’ again and again.
And I didn’t even get to say goodbye.
The last word I said to them was ‘Go away. I hate you.’ And now they really are gone, like I asked them to. And who would ever know that the cops would know where to find you when you run away from home. I was at Julianne’s house when I heard the news. She’s the best of my best friends. But nobody else knows that. I think.
They think that Elsie’s my best friend because we’re seen together almost every day. Well the truth is: Elsie is my own personal ‘assistant’. I hired her at the beginning of the school year when I heard her family was in debt – gossip spreads fast where I come from – and Elsie was looking for a part-time job to help them out. Because it was the starting of a new year, I was very busy. There was the Back-To-School shopping which I haven’t finished, the line-ups of charity work I’ve to do with my mum and of course, the Prom.
It wasn’t my prom, of course. I’m still a junior.
Anyway, back to Elsie. So I hired her and paid her with my allowance (well, half of it) and she helped me out. Hey, I’ve got the money. My mum thinks it’s a good idea though. It saves them money from me hiring a total professional day-planner. And soon her family was soon clear of debt – thanks to me. Elsie told them that she got a job...


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