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Holden Caulfield is a sixteen year old who has consistently been expelled from the schools he has attended. He also had a history of depression upon entering our facility. It should be noted that Holden lost his younger brother, which may be the cause of his poor mental state. Through tests that we have effectively conducted within our facility, we have diagnosed Holden with adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood. We have successfully treated Holden through the use of group and personal therapy and by prescribing him with the antidepressant drug, Abilify. It has been unanimously decided that Holden be discharged under proper circumstances.
Through personal sessions with Holden it has come to our attention that he exhibits some troubling behaviors that has come from a variety of events and problems that he has experienced throughout his life. With the loss of his brother, Holden lost a sense of self control. He became so upset that he was put in the hospital from a self-inflicted injury to his hand.   Recently Holden has been known to “talk” to Allie because he is so lonely.   The death of Allie It created a huge impact on his life. Another behavior of Holden’s that has become an ongoing problem is his lack of concern towards school.   He appears to have stopped caring about school all together, except for English.   Holden has been to quite a few schools and has flunked out of, or was kicked out of every one of them. It is clear that he has no concern towards his school work. This could be a result of his depression.   Holden also seems to have anger problems. As we know Holden became violent after the death of his brother but he also had an altercation with someone at school. Holden’s roommate Stradlater asked him to write a composition for him while he went out. When Stradlater came back, Holden not only tore up the written composition but got involved in a fist fight with him, where he then received a bloody nose. This leads us to our next point;...


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