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“Khit Khit”

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“Khit Khit”
In the age of computers we are filled with a sound called “khit khit” comes out from key board while using computers. Sometimes I feel that it is like a new rhythm we are playing and listening both on which our thought dance and their expression becomes the new text coming out from the cave of brain and sometimes heart too.
In my childhood I became the fan of poems and I also used to write poems right from my early age. The place where I used to live in my childhood, was a densely populated “Mohalla” and saint type beggar with a high note tuned “Dhapli”   was a regular visitor. The sound of that percussion instrument was like “khit khit “ and taking that “khit khit “ as base rhythm that saint used to sing some very captivating ‘Bhajans” and songs. Some of them were “Kahe manva hua paraya”, “Saans ke taar pe bajnewali” and one special song where the word “khit khit” was used in a very meaningful way, “khit khit khit khit kare janam bhar ant samay pachhtaye”
Above was my early age, years together passed and I started writing in many publications especially satires and poems, but again that was the era when I used to do it by pen and paper not with “khit khit”. Years passed again and I switched over to real estate and stopped writing but this “khit khit” entered in my life very seriously and many times it reminds me my childhood.
Today I do not know how I inspired to write such emotional expression taking the subject “khit khit” but today anyway this “khit khit” is an integral part of life and after a long period I am writing something of my basic interest using this “khit khit”.
Thanks a lot for reading this and I will wait for your expression on this “khit khit” by using “khit khit”


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