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Reasoning Superstitions

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Reasoning Superstitions!
How many of you start worrying when you feel your left eye is blinking or when you hear a dog howling somewhere in the neighbourhood? The most stubborn amongst us never argue an infamous superstition. Is it because we have failed to find reason in old wives tales, passed to us through generations or is it because somewhere deep inside we feel these beliefs are factual? Ever wondered where and how these fallacies originated? Is it just us who believe whatever tale is heaved upon us or do others believe these pretenses too?
People all around the world believe in superstitions one way or the other. It is very difficult to say which country has the most superstitious dogmas; it is assumed that many have originated from Europe and proliferated throughout the globe. Rumors about number 13 being unlucky and finding a four leaf clover to be the opposite originated from Europe. Similarly there are a lot of Chinese superstitions but those have not left their native land, many rumours surround the Chinese New Year such as not sweeping the house or good luck will be cast away!
Many tales have flourished in our own part of the world. The sub-continent has its fair share of superstitions and we're all quite acquainted with them. A crow cawing marks the arrival of guests and pigeons bring prosperity!
Although we might take these irrational beliefs very seriously but somewhere in our minds we question their authenticity. Why does walking under a ladder bring bad luck and why should we turn down a eunuch begging for alms? There are stories about how some superstitions commenced but some are so obnoxious there simply cannot be an explanation for them! It seems every occasion has some stories connected to it, from birth to weddings and even death! Let's take a look at the origin and target of some famous, some hilarious and some utterly pointless superstitions!
Superstition With Reason
Although it is possible to substantiate any superstitious belief,...


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