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Challenges Face by First Year Students at University

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Education can be referring as the pathway of success for students striving in the learning process of education system. However on the other hand this seems not true and easy for students that are beginning their first year of study at university level, as often there are several factors relating to the life at the university. These generally become a great deal of challenges especially for first year students and even for some older students. Therefore its significantly required that one needs to aware and consider these challenges while attending university. This essay will discuss the challenges face by the first year at university in term of social, economic and academic.

First is the social, occasionally the freedom   which is also an obvious part of the university environment has been a particular related issue   that often first year students are rarely avoid facing it. Many students feel that this seems a new observation in their lives, more especially those that came from high schools where their freedom is bounded by the school disciplinary roles. Thus most students are becoming overwhelmed with the broad range of free environment at university and turn out not able to make a valid decision which is vital for their study, for instance students missing lectures and tutorial classes, this is because students think they are free to get along with what their choice and decision making, and not realizing that they begin to face challenges at the university level.

Next is the culture shock, generally this is the area where most first year students often find it very       challenging while at university, and it is because of the new environment which   offer ranges of cultures and lifestyles. Students where brought up especially from rural areas may definitely refer to the various culture and lifestyle as the new chapters in their life, for example learning new dress up codes which something new for them. But on the other hand the interactions of the various...


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