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Fair Trade Mini-Assignment

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Laura Miles
Ms. Anna
Apr. 3.2011
Fair Trade Mini-Assignment
Tea is a healthy drink to make people’s blood become balanced. China is the major country to grow tea. Not only this country, but also North India and Brazil are popular of growing tea. About growing the tea, it needs to plant very attentive. First of all, the seed skin should be removed carefully because if farmers are careless, the seed will be destroyed that cannot grow. Also, the seeds need to be opened a little bit in order to watering and put them into the warm water for a day. Second, the seeds are going to be plant in the wet and warm light acid soil so that they can grow up one to three months. Third, the plants need to be pick out to grow individually in the greenhouse or outside when they are growing enough standard. Tea prefers grow in the shade of woodlands and it can tolerant a lower temperature from -5 to -10°C as well as prefer a wet summer and winter.
  Today, many countries like to drink tea so the companies will input the tea or output it to improve their economy. As well, some local companies will prefer to invest the tea trade for expanding their business’s area. In order to attract people to drink tea as well as buy it, companies discover different kinds of tea which has variety function for health. Therefore, tea trade develops very well, even though there have some problems.
    Farmers must solve many problems that cause by climate. Tea trees growth in warm climate conditions of temperature and require for suitable humidity, and Water is the guarantee of the growth of tea, and the main source of water is rainfall, if there's no enough water for tea trees, the texture of tea could be thick and hard, which means, the quality would be decreased. More than that, tea trees need the place that they growth with a good drainage. And most important of all, germinating in acidic soil is the best choice for producing tea because the cells of tea trees' root will be damaged if...


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