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My Ideal Partner (+the Best and the Worst Experience)

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This is a short paper to practice appearance and character vocabulary.
First you give a description of a perfect friend/partner. Then you have two more paragraphs to give an idea of the best and worst possible friend/partner one might have. ( Pay more attention to the worst part here, so you can use suitable vocabulary.)
Check page 83 "Your dream partner ... in five minutes" for ideas and the pattern.
Ideal partner
My ideal partner would have to be someone intelligent, trustworthy and kind. Sense of humour is no less important quality too. I can’t stand selfish people and, naturally, my perfect partner has to be warm-hearted. This is not to say that I would like to have a self-denying partner. Not at all! To feel empathy when I need it and to be sensitive when I don’t anticipate it is enough. Also my ideal partner meets two essential criteria: he has to be older and taller than me. By and large, the first one means that I need somebody who is mature…and more sensible than me. The second is one of the few necessary features which apply to appearance.   I think it’s foolish to consider your perfect partner as solely blond (brunette), to dream of his nose’s shape or whatever.   Most of all, he has to have a neat appearance.   His nails must be trimmed! I like when man has an unkempt head of hair, but it must be washed! Finally, as I consider my ideal partner as a whimsical person it should be easy for him to dress eccentric and tastefully at the same time.
The best experience
My best partner (who is former by this time) meet most of these criteria I’ve posted above. He is really a big-hearted, quick-witted and dependable guy.   Moreover, he stayed very enigmatic person and I liked it. We had an extraordinary journey together and it really grieved us to part with each other.
The worst experience
Thank goodness he was not even my partner! We had just one appointment but the suffering lasted more than five minutes. It was a shame to eat at the same table with such...


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