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Should Healthcare Be a Fundamental Right

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Business 102
February 15 2011

Fundamental Right – A basic or foundational right, derived from natural law; a right deemed by the supreme court to receive the highest level of constitutional protection against government interference.
No I do not believe that healthcare should be a fundamental right. Rights are different than entitlements. Under natural law governments were created by free people to protect their natural rights, and no one is entitled to the services of another person.   If one truly believes healthcare is a right that each of us retains, it is impossible to intellectually justify putting the federal government in charge of administering a program that provides, denies, or pays for care. If one believes that every citizen is entitled to health insurance, they do not respect individual rights to life, freedom and property under natural law as endorsed by the Founders. No one is entitled to violate the rights of another citizen. If you believe someone else’s hard earned money should be confiscated under threat by force by the government, you do not understand the basis on which the US was founded. When the private sector commits such crimes they are punished, when the public sector commits the same crimes it is called an entitlement program.   I believe that when they start taking away our choices they start taking away our freedom.   If you consider healthcare a fundamental right because it is necessary to life then you should also consider food, shelter, and clothing.
Who is required to pay for medical care if it were a right?   It is said that if it is a right, then everyone that has social security will have to have healthcare. If you refuse healthcare you will have to pay a fine of up to $695 or up to 2.5 percent of your income by 2016. Also people who make three to four times the poverty level would get enough federal money so that they would not have to pay more than ten percent of their income.
It would not have an effect on...


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