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Steroids in Sports

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Page, Matt
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Prof. Eadus
JUST DO IT: A Research Paper On Performance Enhancing Drugs
        This paper intends to discuss about the argument if whether or not athletes of the high school, collegiate, and professional level should or should not be allowed to take part in the use of performance enhancing substances. Performance enhancers have created the potential for athletes to excel beyond the limits of their normal strengths.  From the weight room where their training is crucial in every lift and repetition they take, to how they perform and excel on the field during competition. Through their speed, agility, strength hand- eye coordination, and other abilities athletes showcase their skills throughout the nation and world. If injured these substances help athletes recovery faster, in order to return to there daily, monthly, and yearly, on and off season routines. Giving them the edge over any and all other athletes they contend or compete against while in competition. Also there isn’t just one performance enhancer, “Performance enhancing drugs consist of a variety of substances” (WADA Paragraph 1). Steroids, Amphetamines, Caffeine, Creatine, Asthma medications, and the new discovery of Deer Velvet, are all ways athletes have been introduced to perform at a higher level, leading them to become bigger, faster, and stronger. In the past years, athletes’ have been randomly drug tested to see whether or not they have taken part in the use of performance enhancers. This issue is one stress all athletes should not have to worry about. A saying used often in sports is that athletes push themselves through the blood, sweat, and tears of the sport they compete in to become the best they possibly can be. Athletes should be allowed to use performance-enhancing substances because it should be the athlete’s choice of what to do with his or her own body. As well with the option to use performance enhancers’ athletes can have the...


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