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As you could read in my bio, I've been doing book sales since 1990. During this time the trends in the publishing industry have been changing from year to year. At the end of the '90 the belief that internet will supplant books prevailed, although that has not happened. But it is true, that the sales of generic encyclopedias have decreased for a small percentage.
Lately I have been noticing that the interest for different encyclopedias has increased again. This is due to the fact, that internet offers a variety of different web pages, whose main interest is not to give to the user information they desire, but to make money with advertisements.
So what the users encounter?
Try to imagine your 10 year old child, who has a task to find the information for his project about the brain on internet. When you type for example in Google the word "brain", first "150" hits represent different "PhD dissertation" with a content that has nothing to do with the topic your child is interested in. Until the child finds appropriate information, a lot of precious time can be lost.
A while ago a common project has been launched by Google as the biggest "search engine" and Dorling Kindersley as one of the biggest publishers in the world. It has been named "E-encyclopedia".
E-encyclopedia means, you have extremely attractive encyclopedia with pictures at the one side and at the other a "search engine" that encompasses more than 1000 different web pages. Put differently this means that everything contained in a book is to be found on the internet as well.
My opinion is that books still have some advantages against internet. Internet is "jungle" and if you are not skilful with internet you may have a lot of problems to find right informations you desire.
Best regards,
Edie Kurnik

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